OUR MISSION - WE'RE PUBLISHED! Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 marked the Premier of our new book, Happy Hour in the High Peaks: An Adirondack Bar Guide. The hardcover, 160 page book can be found at bars and bookstores throughout the Adirondack Park or order online at www.happyhourinthehighpeaks.com. You'll find a list of our book signings on the Events page and where to buy the book on our Retailers page. The book contains reviews of 46 of our favorite bars in the Adirondack Park, and 46 drink recipes with an Adirondack twist. As a companion to the book, we have also published a 46er Passport so that you can follow the Happy Hour Trail to become a Happy Hour 46er and make new friends along the way. Summit Tour t-shirts will be for sale at our book signings or available online. Whether you are a native, resident, or visitor, you'll find 46 more reasons to visit the ADIRONDACK PARK!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The-Book's-Here Recipe Night! LPG Comma-Kaze

Let's just say we've been through a bit of a dry spell. Not for lack of working however. And certainly not for lack of drinking either. Our first shipment of Happy Hour in the High Peaks arrived today. While our work is far from done it's time we tipped our hats (and glasses) to our editor and publisher Lawrence P. Gooley of Bloated Toe Publishing.

Larry is a self-proclaimed teetotaler who after working with us through several edits has made numerous threats to start drinking. How we could ever drive anyone to drink is beyond comprehension but we'll play along.

Throughout the editing process we began to think that Larry was charging us for every comma he had to add to our drafts.  It wasn't long before we started calling him the "Comma-Kaze."  In his honor we have concocted and imbibed that drink.  We substituted Absolut Citron for plain vodka in homage to his Absoluteness.  We have also removed all commas from our text just to drive him to that drink he so deserves.

Cheers to Lawrence P. Gooley!

LPG Comma-Kaze
1 part Absolut Citron
1 part Cointreau
1 part fresh squeezed lime
Shake over ice and strain into shot glasses.  Makes 3 servings - 1 for Kim 1 for Pam and 1 for LPG

We paid a visit to Jane at Basil & Wick's to deliver the very first public copy of the book and a nifty 46er sign identifying Basil & Wick's as a 46er destination and to finalize party plans. Have you heard about the book release premier? Join us this Wednesday night from 4-8 pm at Basil & Wick's in North Creek as we kick off the summer season and the Happy Hour Tour.

The buzz about the bar (buzz being the key word) was of Happy Hour Tour Caravans (with police escort), tour t-shirts, passports, and a prize package for the first to complete and authenticate their tour passport. The board is currently developing an appropriate package. Passports and tour hats will available at the premier. See you there!

We don't ever really do things in a small way. Every event is cause for celebration (duh). Arrival of Happy Hour in the High Peaks found Kim at an eye appointment and Pam all too eager to rip open the first box. She was firmly instructed to wait. Finally we got to the opening part with Pammie brandishing the nearest pair of scissors.

We hope you'll come and see it for yourselves.

Cheers & Bottoms Up!
Kim & Pam