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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Visit to (not from) The Barking Spider

It was late Saturday afternoon, or was it early Saturday evening?  In January in the Adirondacks, if there's still daylight, we must cling to daytime and call it late afternoon.  It was late Saturday afternoon when we entered The Barking Spider.  This establishment was recommended to us, but I was already curious about it myself.  Last week I saw the sign from across the street while we were visiting Trapper's Tavern.  I was just far enough away, and at an awkward angle, to have trouble reading their sign and laughed later as I described the thought process to my sister.  It went something like this.  Reading horizontally, The Bar, The Bar King, The Barking?  But what's with the spider web worked into the sign below the name?  Aha, vertically, I read the word Spider.  Ooooh, The Barking Spider.  Now, keep in mind, I was sober and it wasn't dark yet.  Then, ok, what does that mean?  So, of course, when it was suggested that we check it out on our "quest", I had to go, not to mention that I found I know the owner.

It's a guy thing, and many of you may already know the meaning, but I did not.  While interviewing the owner, Tim McGraw, naturally I had to ask.  I think he knew the question was looming, and I think he has answered it just as delicately many times before.  It was his 8 year old son's idea - sure, blame it on the kid (they usually blame it on the dog)!  But then I'm really thinking...an 8 year old boy knows this term and I do not?  Tim proceeded with a description of a closely cramped hunting camp after a night of beer drinking, and noises in the night.  We were left to draw the obvious conclusion from there, as I will leave you as well.  If there's any doubt, Google it!

We met some nice people, almost immediately.  That's the way things are in the Adirondacks.  The bartender was pleasant and professional.  She was fairly busy so we didn't bother her with our plethora of questions but instead took in our surroundings and jotted some notes.  We got into a conversation with two men from New Jersey.  They have been coming to North Creek for 15 to 20 years so we reminsced about some bars gone by (some even before their time).  We learned a little about the imaginary line between North Creek and Indian Lake, skis vs. sleds, from Al Mulligan of Indian Lake.  We intend to cross that line with tires.  I believe the line melts with the snow, but wonder if a new line between canoes and motorboats replaces it.  Al owns the Adirondack Trail Motel, which is conveniently located across from the Bear Trap Inn in Indian Lake.  Good to have accommodations nearby if you really want to explore an Adirondack tavern.

Shift change... In comes the owner, Tim McGraw, who immediately gets to work restocking the bar.

More to come on The Barking Spider...

Bottoms up!

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