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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Basil & Wicks

Basil & Wicks not only set the bar higher for the bar, but for the bartenders as well.  Peter was behind the bar when we came in and I immediately felt something comfortable about him.  (Kim thought later that I might have a fetish for men in aprons).  I know Kate through family connections, but didn't know she was a bartender, but I knew there was something I liked about that girl.  Later Jeannie showed up - she was one of my favorite bartenders years ago.  Jane, how did you get the cream of the crop in the short time you've been open?  I'm sure you won them over with your natural professionalism and friendly demeanor, and I'm guessing you did your homework and you found the best.

I ran into a co-worker and her husband having dinner at the bar after a day of skiing Gore.  I learned that her husband has climbed the 46 peaks and is on his way to climbing them again.  As we culminate our list of 46 of the best Adirondack taverns, I trust we will have some adventurers ready to explore our version of "high" peaks.
I was tempted by the Chocotini advertised on their daily specials board, but resisted.  Kate has been concocting their weekly drink specials and I was sorry to learn that I had missed the Avalanche - it sounded delicious.  I've got the recipe and will have to try it at home.  Maybe we'll share some of our own "Adirondack" drink specialties with Kate to see if they are worthy of the specials board.

Though we visited Basil & Wicks last week, we couldn't get near the bar and decided to wait until a better time.   We had a terrific dinner in the dining room and decided to come back the following week.  One item of note, from that first visit, was the friendliness of the patrons.  As we left the restaurant and stepped out to the porch, several women were sitting outside enjoying a smoke.  They invited me to join them and, I must say, even if I wasn't a smoker, I would have been tempted by their invitation.  We learned they were visiting from Westchester and we invited them to follow our blog.  Hi, Westchester ladies!

One of the items on my checklist of these establishments is if they are "smoker friendly".  By that, I mean, do they have a place to smoke away from the front door where others won't be offended, do they have a covered area for smoking in case of bad weather, do they have a place to dispose of the cigarettes?  As for Basil & Wicks, they are not only smoker friendly, they have friendly smokers!

I'm already thinking that the location of Basil & Wicks is such that as we travel back from the more northern destinations, this might be the place to stop for a bite to eat on the way home.  They have WiFi - perhaps we could stop and write our blog there?

Bottoms up!

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