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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Hour in the Smoky Mountains, TN

Good to be back home.  It was a long drive but worth it to get away from the snow and catch some rays.  Some interesting happenings in Cocke County, Tennessee.  I will neither confirm nor deny whether I procured some Tennessee moonshine.  I learned a bit of history about the county, none of which made any sense, and my daughter saw a real hooker, but insisted it couldn't be because she was old and ugly - we didn't get into the details (and since when does she know what a hooker is anyway?). 

Cocke County is a "dry" county, and yet it isn't.  For starters, Walmart can't sell beer, but there is a little "convenient store" in front of it that sells beer?   There are liquor stores in Cocke County?  There are.  All of these questions started when my stepfather, Bill, and I sat down for a drink at the Tin Can Saloon. 

Ahhhh, the Tin Can Saloon... It was about 10pm and I was tired and only had two glasses of wine, hours ago, so I wasn't "myself".   As we drove up to the end of a dirt road, I was impressed with their location - at least the "feds" can't get your license plate number as they drive by.  Big parking lot.  Large, cabin-like building.  Bill opened the door to the saloon and I stepped in - immediately I took a deep breath and said "aaawwwww".  It was a nostalgic "aaaawwwww".  Maybe some reserve that for a cute puppy or baby, but it reminded me of my "childhood".  The smell of stale cigarettes and beer.  I didn't realize how much I missed that smell.  It was a large, open bar room, with two pool tables - both were occupied.  We sat at the bar and Angel, the owner, asked me what I would like.  Bill had already warned me that he thought they only sell beer.  I told her I was looking for something "not beer".  She suggested a Smirnoff Ice, grape, and I accepted.  I felt like Radar O'Reilly (from M*A*S*H*) drinking Grape Nehi in Korea.  I had two.  I don't think I've ever been in a bar that only served beer.  But, Bill reminded me that Cocke County is a "dry" county and it all made sense (no, it didn't).  I smoked four cigarettes.  Why is it that you're a "chain smoker" if you smoke four cigarettes in an hour, but someone who smokes a cigar for a half hour isn't?  Bill smoked two pipes and I kept up, that's all.

Bottoms Up!

High Peaks Pammie


  1. Who's the chick? She's old, but not exactly ugly!

  2. Not the hooker I referred to. That's my Mom