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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HHHP does Lake Placid

Brett, bartender at Zigzags. He's bringin' sexy back.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least a few) we feature a photo gallery of today's adventures.

We started in the Zigzag Pub and did not want to leave. We've never been welcomed with such enthusiasm or made so many friends.

Our new best buds, Tony and Wayne
No kidding, hugs were exchanged as we left. Great customers and bartenders. Everyone was eager to talk to us, we gave out HHHP cards like candy and just felt really at home. Without even visiting other bars we knew it would be tough to top this place. In retrospect, our predictions were correct.

Off we went to the Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood Pub and Brewery, followed closely by pub owner Rob Kane whom we spotted about a block behind us. We were warmly welcomed by Tom, general manager and bartender of the pub and enjoyed some of the best beers we've ever had. The Abbey Ale was mellow, warmly flavored and slightly sweet with a fuzzy head of dense foam. The porter was smoky and decadent. Pam had something grape rum based (who knew there was grape rum??!!) with a splash of grape rum and Chambord. It was something like a Grape Crush.

Next stop: Dancing Bears. It was an absolutely gorgeous place. Upscale in appearance with clean architectural lines and a reasonably priced and delectable menu. I have to say, though food is somewhat off limits in the reviewing realm, the nachos were the BEST we'd ever had, both in presentation and flavor. The calamari, not so much. Anybody who orders calamari in Lake Placid gets what they get.

Finally, on our first night in Lake Placid, it's back to the hotel already. We had to return to the Great Adirondack Brewing Company because a growler to go sounds like a great idea. Plus, the bottle's gorgeous. Interesting, but we cut a deal with some patrons who traded a full growler for two Happy Hour in the High Peaks hats. Sounded good so we went for it.

Good Trade:
 2 Happy Hour in the High Peaks Hats (limited edition) for a growler of Porter.

More adventures tomorrow...


  1. You hit LP and didn't stop at at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery (home of the great Ubu Ales)? For shame ;). Get back out there and give it a chance if you can.

  2. Oh no, no, no. That was day one. We went to both LPP&B and PJ O'Neill's on Thursday, among several other bars. Just weren't in any shape to write about it when we got back! We'll try to get a little blogging done later, but may stop in Saranac on the way home.

  3. Haha, nice! Can't wait to hear your thoughts, keep up the great work!