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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flanagan's Bar & Grill, Schroon Lake

The trip to Schroon Lake was much shorter than I expected, even though we took the scenic route.  It was the first really nice spring day of the season.  Schroon Lake was bustling, for April.  People were out walking.  Just seeing people on the streets is as much a sign of Spring as the crocus' blooming.
We found a parking spot right outside Flanagan's and ventured toward the entrance.  It was well-kept and very attractive with a stone facade.  I reviewed their menu posted outside and noted that they are open at noon and are closed on Tuesday.  The bartender, Joshua, later clarified that they are only closed on Tuesday during the winter months.
Flanagan's has been in business for 50-60 years but, upon entering, I immediately noticed it has been well-maintained.  The floor shined with extra coats of polyurethane.  As we passed through the dining area heading toward the bar, I took in the surroundings.  Bright copper lights sparkled over the booths; a bear, a deer and a moose head adorned one wall over those booths.  Clever placards hung here and there touting the virtues of drinkers and their wives.
As we found 2 seats at the bar, Kim quickly surveyed the beer offerings and selected one like a woman who knows what she wants.  In what is becoming the norm, I wrestled with the liquor choices like a kid in a candy store.  No drink specials in the off-season, no suggestions forthcoming from Joshua, so I was on my own.  I made rash decision for vodka and grapefruit.  In an effort to lighten the mood, I specified "plain vodka, no Bakon vodka for me, please!"
Again, taking in the scenery, I noticed the barstools were of padded fabric and rustic wood, and very heavy when trying to get out of them.  We ordered food from the extensive menu of yummy treats and chatted with the gentleman at the end of the bar.   He was a local by the name of Greyling, which we thought was a very cool name.  Off-season, Flanagan's is mostly locals, but changes to about 90% tourists in the summer months.  I checked out the deck in the back and found that to be small, but comfortable, and overlooking a brook.  It started to rain, so I returned to the bar.
The bathroom was clean and nicely finished in Adirondack woods.  Hot water, paper towels and toilet paper - what more could a woman ask for!  Speaking of woman, even though I didn't see one, I had the distinct feeling that a woman is behind the decor and overseeing the maintenance of Flanagan's Bar & Grill.  Men just don't seem to pay that much attention to the details.

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