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Monday, July 11, 2011

Straight Shot Lake Placid

A small sign over the door to Straight Shot deceived, as did the name. A sandwich board advertised Happy Hour 3 to 6 p.m. Hoping to save a few bucks, Kim and Pam had 15 minutes to kill before 3pm, so they wandered into a few shops. Another check of their watches and they proceeded to Straight Shot.

The interior was nothing like the image the name "Straight Shot" invoked. Half expecting to push through swinging saloon doors and cast an eye on men standing at the bar with shot glasses in hand, whiskey bottles perched before them, Pam was taken aback by the true interior - clean, bright, retro-contemporary; finished in warm, earthy tones. As they took their seats at the bar, both admired the black lacquer-edged bar top, translucent amber illuminated from below.

Straight Shot Lounge was the eighth bar they had visited since arriving in Lake Placid the evening before. Adirondack style interiors are nice, but this style was a refreshing change. Seating 16 to 18 patrons at the bar, the upholstered stools were classy and comfortable. Oversized amber pendant lights hung over the bar. Joanne, the bartender, looked casually professional in her white cotton shirt and friendly smile. (She wore pants too.) Neither long white apron nor protective rifle were visible behind this bar. Upholstered booths were available along the perimeter of the lounge area, with textured glass partitioning the it from the restaurant, Generations. Large granite floor tiles contrasted the blonde wood tones and simple window treatments softening the room. The dining room featured gleaming hardwood floors, arched windows and a cylindrical fireplace.

Generations and Straight Shot are affiliated with the Golden Arrow Hotel, though not physically connected to the hotel. All three are open year round, seven days per week. Straight Shots' standard hours of operation are from 11 a.m. to 12 or 1 a.m. during the summer season. The current Happy Hour special featured well drinks or domestic bottled beer for $2.00. Sensing the good deal, Kim and Pam took advantage of the special several times, and even invited their husbands to join them. They were tempted to stay for dinner, but two more bars were on the list so it was time to move on.

Hey, by the way, whatever happened to the days when your whiskey was served by the bottle?

Cheers & Bottoms Up!
Kim & Pam

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