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Saturday, August 13, 2011

20 Main Bar - Au Sable Forks

Twenty Main was recommended to us by the elevator operator named Bob on Whiteface, whom we met while doing our Lake Placid Tour. We had to kill some time in the morning before the bars opened, and Pam's husband, Bob, recommended that we visit Whiteface. It was zero visibility and the temp was 48 degrees with a wind blowing at 30+ mph, IN JULY, but at least we can say we've been there, and it only cost us $28.00 for four of us to see nothing and to test Pam's brakes! We asked Bob, the lift operator, if we should mention that Bob sent us and he laughed and clued us in on the fact that most of the patrons at 20 Main are named Bob.

When you're the only bar in town, except for the bowling alley bar, you're special by default. Twenty Main is just such a tavern, but not without merit. Located in the center of town, in an old building that was converted to a bar in the 1940's, 20 Main has its history and a faithful following, most of them named Bob. The bar seats about 9 people, but a few tables, booths and even a loveseat can accommodate the overflow. Pictures over the bar depict the building long ago, including a parade when a circus came through town.

The current owner, Barbara (BJ), has owned the bar for the past 10 years. They offer no Happy Hour, because it is believed to be illegal in New York State (cannot be confirmed), but have reasonable prices all of the time. Our bartender, Sheri, did not have any specialty drinks to offer us, but admits that Barbara does get creative on her own shift. They are open year round and entertain winter skiers and summer tourists. While we were there, we saw signs advertising Elvis' appearance within a week. Further investigation confirmed our suspicions that it was an Elvis impersonator, but nonetheless, it sounded intriquing. A Neil Young tribute was also on the marquee, but again, as much as he is still alive, it would not be a live tribute.

A word of caution, if you think you can enter 20 Main Street in your GPS in Au Sable Forks, first make sure you put the space between Au and Sable. Second, you will end up at a Stewart's Shop. We traveled 90 miles (one way) to Au Sable Forks that evening, so we decided to get some dinner at Mad River Pizza after our visit to 20 Main. We don't review food, but will go out on a limb and recommend Mad River Pizza, especially if you have travelled a long distance and want to get the full ambience of Au Sable.

Based on our observations that day, Twenty Main is a comfortable bar for people of all ages and for a variety of purposes. They don't offer food, but have a pool table, juke box, reasonably priced drinks and a comfortable atmosphere. You can't bring your drinks outside, but a venue is available off the main street for discreet smoking, with seats and an ashtray, should you need to partake.

Bottoms Up and Cheers!

Pam Ladd and Kim Ladd

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