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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Dog Tavern, Inlet

The Red Dog Tavern is a restaurant with a bar. The tavern area is rather small, but the various photos on the walls of parties past attest to a different level of grandeur. Its demure stature doesn't preclude it from being a fun place to go.

Pam was immediately drawn to their Martini Specials menu. From the list of Nutti, white, dark, appletini, orange and Purple Haze, she chose the Orange Martini. Consisting of orange rum, triple sec, cranberry juice and fresh lime, she claimed to have made the perfect choice, but was yearning to try the Purple Haze too.

Located 8 miles from the hamlet of Old Forge and 3 miles from Inlet, the Red Dog Tavern is a popular destination for people in and in between Old Forge. As we sat at the bar during mid-afternoon on a Saturday, many people filled the restaurant. The bar remained constant, however, with about ten patrons. The bartender, Kathy, was pleasant and obviously had many years of experience in her line of work. She could be found in many of the past party pictures displayed here and there on the walls, and she later advised that she has worked there for more than 8 years.

The Red Dog Tavern has been in business since 1982. The current owner, Diane Doyle, has owned it for the past 3 years. She brings an air of olde Ireland to the tavern. They are notorious for their Armageddon wings and their nachos. The wings, we've been told, are not edible by the average consumer, and may be a challenge for Adam Richman of Man vs. Food on the Food Channel fame? Surprised, though, that Pam didn't get into their nachos, since she has developed such an appetite for them this year. They do close for a few weeks in April and again in November, but promise to be there for you in summer and winter but not before 4pm. They don't have live entertainment, but we found the background music pleasant and unobtrusive.

Seating 12 to 14 at the bar, the view is all windows along the front wall of the bar. A few tables are available in the bar area and the restaurant seating is mostly separated from the bar. A fireplace lines one wall in the tavern. The delicious smell of food permeates every corner. St. Patrick's decorations decorate the walls behind the bar, ready for the next celebration. Pictures and stickers of Red Dogs are scattered throughout, as are Red Dog shirts and hats, adding to the local pub atmosphere.

Whether you're looking for drinks or food, this would be a place not to pass by on your way to or from Old Forge.

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