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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drinking in the Adirondacks: Seven Months of Research

We have learned so much since visiting our first bar in January. To date, we have visited 40 bars with the intent to review. A few of them didn't merit a written review. The foremost item of note is that many places no longer have a formal "Happy Hour". Some believe, or have at least insinuated, that Happy Hour is now against the law in New York State. We have researched that and believe they are mistaken.

Another item of note is that every bar is so very different from the other. We knew that they were different, which was part of our reason to write our book, but it wasn't until we did two large tours in Lake Placid and in Old Forge, that we realized just how significantly different they are. Visiting 8 bars in one day made it ever so obvious. We hope that we convey those differences in our reviews. It is our intent that you will find the right fit for the purpose you choose to go out and visit any of these establishments. There are places that are good for a quiet place to chat with friends, a place to listen to music, a place to eat and enjoy a few drinks, play Quick Draw, or a place to make new friends. There are some places that would satisfy all of those needs.

Please pardon the obvious, but if you are going out to meet people, it depends just as much on you as it does the establishment. No matter how friendly a bar is, if you don't have the personality, it probably won't work out. If you don't have the personality, be sure to bring someone who does. We have also been to some bars where no matter how much personality you have, they don't have any. A few of those we did not review, and a few we have given a little latitude, finding some redeeming qualities, hoping that it was just a bad moment. We also realize that we have only captured a moment. So much depends on who is tending bar and who is patronizing it.

Bottoms Up!

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  1. I have no idea what the veiled references are to happy hour being illegal in NYS but keep doing what you are doing. I really enjoy the listings of the various bars and hope to visit a few soon.

    Keep up the great work ladies!