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Sunday, March 20, 2011

George Henry's Tavern of Warrensburg

It was "date night" with our husbands last night.  Kim went to Duffy's with her husband and I went to George Henry's with mine.  They've both been neglected lately, so we did our "wifely duty".  Needless to say, even though we weren't out "working" on the book last night, looks like we both are taking advantage of the opportunity and writing about it.

George Henry's was pretty busy for early Saturday night.  Most were there to watch a wrestling tournament, but didn't seem to protest when another tv was tuned to BYU when the game started.  We played some Quick Draw and enjoyed some appetizers.  I sneaked a couple of Bob's chicken wings and have to say, they make good wings at George Henry's!  I even won some money on Quick Draw for a change.  The bartender was very busy but attentive to all of his patrons.  The wrestling group kept him busy wiping their spilled beers.

In the spirit of the wrestling tournament, Mark and his niece had a brief wrestling scrimmage on the floor of the bar - she probably would have won except for some technical foul involving arms (or Mark just cheated, not sure which).  I saw several people I know and chatted with whomever I could.  I learned from Mark that he and his wife are going to New Orleans soon and I think he offered to do some reviews for us down there .  (We're still scouting for our next Happy Hour location - and I don't think TN made the grade).   Mark, if you find some good places in "N'orleans", make sure you take some notes and tell us all about it when you get home. 

Might need to have to start wearing a disguise soon when I go out - not ready for the celebrity just yet.  I passed a girl in the ladies room who asked if I was there to write about George Henry's.  I've never seen her before and was surprised by the question.  I told her I was "off duty", but it was fun to be recognized (or more likely just mistaken for Kim). 

It's nice to go out and see familiar faces and talk to people I haven't seen in awhile. Always something comfortable about the hometown taverns. A good tavern is one that makes strangers feel they are in their own hometown.

Bottoms Up!


  1. TN's not that bad! Just different. I have to get back to the Adirondacks soon. See you in June.

  2. Thanks, Karen, for reading our post! We love IN, but not sure there are enough bars to satisfy us. Love You! And TN. We're not truck.

  3. You must be almost truck, since you love "IN" better than TN. You need a special ingredient to get really truck. Special delivery in June, hope you can wait that long.

  4. Your blog is certainly making itself known! Glad to hear someone recognized you, the newest and best kind of critic- a boozy one ;) love reading all the reviews!

  5. We love comments! We never know if people are actually reading...