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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sham"Rock" the Block Lake George, NY

Beth, Kate, Toni, Amanda, Rachel & their adorable dogs
If it has anything to do with drinking, it's fair game. The first annual Sham"Rock" the Block party was held in Lake George on Saturday, March 20th, featuring Celtic music, bagpipers, hayrides, face painting and a keg toss, among other activities held on Amherst Street at Duffy's Tavern. Asked to stop in and shoot some quick photos for the Adirondack Journal, I did just that. I had only fifteen minutes, but knew I'd return later that evening.

Emerald Dawn

As I was gathering my camera and notebook, I heard the last of the bagpipers' performance. I love bagpipes and was disappointed that I had just missed them, though I did spy several adorable sets of hairy knees. I love bagpipes and, not gonna lie, the swagger of men in kilts. The duo Emerald Dawn was playing in the parking lot, kids were enjoying a bouncy bounce, hayrides and face painting, and adults were wandering with beers in hand.

Sponsored and hosted by Duffy's Tavern, this event was the first of its kind in Lake George with proceeds to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation, the Lake George Skate Park Fund and Save a Stray.

Neither of us is at all Irish, but my husband and I both put on green shirts and later returned to Lake George for a drink at Duffy's. It occurred to me that this St. Patrick's thing has dragged on for a few days, so I asked Tony (the aforementioned husband) how long he supposed this would go on? 'Til the beer runs out I guess. Good answer. He's not really a funny guy, but once in awhile he possesses a good bit of insight. And I'm always willing to help use up all that Guinness.

Sham"Rock" the Block at Duffy's
Duffy's, a popular summer party bar, is fairly large compared to the other bars we've been blogging about and it was pretty full. There are several tables at the entrance with a long, pine zigzaggy bar that probably seats about twenty. Another section contains high-backed booths, all occupied. The bartenders were busy, efficient and friendly, and the prices were about what I've been seeing in the area: $8.00 for a Guinness and a Shock Top. I ran into a few of my son's former high school classmates, one of whom wants to make a movie about all his drinking stories. I encouraged him to go for it (not so much the drinking) and gave him a handful of my Happy Hour in the High Peaks cards, which I shamelessly distribute wherever I go. I did experience a "first" at Duffy's: a line for the mens' room! I commented on that fact to one of the waiting gentlemen, who was not at all amused.

Details on Duffy's will involve a return trip; they were just too busy to allow me to get all the usual details. Guess I'll have to drag Pam out for another look.


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