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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grace's - Revisited

It was a gorgeous late afternoon, sunny and in the '50's, when Pam and I set out, delighted to give Grace's another look. Armed with a checklist, notebook and camera, we found the place just as we had left it last week: warm, intimate and comfortable. Tasteful but unassuming, with a friendly and attentive staff, I've always liked going there and am now look for excuses to return.

Grace's is open year-round from 4 p.m. and remains open to the public during private events, which are usually held in one of the dining rooms. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the winter but open every day in the summer when patrons can relax with their drinks on the expansive lawn under the ancient towering oaks. (Maples? Can't remember, but they're well over 100 years old.)

This time we gave some thought before ordering our drinks. Studying the gleaming bottles on the beautifully crafted shelves, a chocolate vodka caught my eye. Hmmm...needed to try that.
Unprepared to be inventive, I asked Sadie, our bartender, for suggestions.
She recommended I try it with Bailey's and milk. The chocolate flavor was evident, though not obvious, and complemented the Bailey's. We just need to name it. Chocolate vodka will soon be added to the booze arsenal at Pammy's Private Pub, so I'm sure we'll brainstorm and experiment. 

We decided to order some light fare at the bar. The full menu is available at the bar and offers appetizer portions for a light meal or an inexpensive way to sample the menu. The entrees range from $18-$28; half-portions approximately half-price. Pam and I decided to share the BBQ pulled pork nachos, an interesting alternative to the customary Mexican version. The generous portion of multi-colored chips, drenched in barbecue sauce and topped with onions and bubbling jack cheese, was a reasonable $8 and delicious. We also had a tossed salad, the mixed greens fresh and crisp, mine with a sundried tomato vinaigrette dressing that was subtly sweet and mild.

I knew most of the patrons and staff and passed out blog propaganda to everyone there. We even had a new Facebook "like" on our page before we left. (Thanks, Kim!) We love hearing from our readers, whether it be compliment, criticism or recommendations on where to visit or drinks to try. 

Many of the establishments we review have a rich history and I love researching them, mostly for my own personal interest. I found a great article at http://www.denpubs.com/Articles-c-2008-08-13-58099.112116-sub-Griffin-House-has-rich-history.html about the Griffin House. Formerly named The Merrill Magee House, The Griffin House is also featured in Linda Lee Macken's Adirondack Ghosts II: Haunted Places in New York's North Country.

Oh, and be sure to use the ladies' room (ladies only, please) when you're there. It's quite charming, though the Lady Grace is in need of a day at the spa.

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