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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grace's Restaurant at the Griffin House in Warrensburg

This was an impromptu review.  We had an hour to kill, and Kim will be out of town for the rest of the weekend, so we decided to try something more local.  I had no expectations and didn't even bring a "fact sheet", no paper at all.  Kim, however, knew better and at least brought a tiny notebook.

I had no idea!  I haven't been to that location since it was the Merrill Magee House.  The bar back then, though attractive, was very small.  Now it's large and inviting!  I was pleasantly surprised and, at the same time, disappointed in myself for not having checked it out sooner.  The barstools caught my eye first.  Wooden stools with leather/suede padding on back and seats.  Very comfortable, and a LOT of them.  I have been searching for the perfect barstools for home for a few years now, and have seen stools like this in my search.  I started calculating the cost in my head! 

In addition to the bar, there is an adjacent room with a leather loveseat with a game board on the coffee table.  That brought me back to the nights in Lake George playing backgammon upstairs at the Delevan - those were good times!  There's something about drinking and playing games that keeps you sharp.  In that adjacent room, there were also a few bar height tables for additional seating (again, more of those attractive barstools).  To me, barstools are like shoes - no matter how well-dressed you are, if your shoes are shabby, the whole look is shabby.  Remember that the next time you go out!  Grace's is impeccably dressed, head to toe.

After admiring the plentiful hanging light fixtures over the bar, my attention turned to the Daily Drink Specials menu on the bar.  Good thing Kim brought her little notebook - she jotted them down for future review.  One drink featured "ruby red vodka".  Wasn't sure what that was, but I wished I hadn't already ordered a drink.  I Googled it and found that Absolut makes are Ruby Red Vodka.  Who knew?!  Looks like I have to make another trip to Mohan's Liquor Store.  Or, it's an excuse to return to Grace's.  Does that mean the grapefruit juice is optional - will have to try some alternative mixers.  Some of the drinks were what I would call "summer drinks", but that's just my opinion.  There was also a list of hot drink specials ("winter drinks"?) worthy of review.

Speaking of vodka, after checking out at a liquor store in Tennessee (remember that liquor store in a dry county?), I saw a bottle of Peanut Butter vodka.  I assumed I could buy it at home, but haven't found it yet.  It might be a nice addition to the "Squirrel Bait" drink we've been working on.  I will have it "exported" to me if I don't find it here. 

Speaking of Whisky Sours, what ever happened to the Whisky Sour?  I used to drink those and always found them tasty, but I haven't heard anything about them lately.  You can see where I'm going with this - I'll bring back the whisky sour myself.  I have often bought sour mix, but for use in my margaritas, not sours.  I think I have some mix in my cupboard.  Maybe I don't need the mix - make my own from scratch.  I have company coming tonight, think I'd better buy some cherries and see what happens...

As always, looking forward to Kim's eloquent review of Grace's at the Griffin House...

Bottoms Up!

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  1. We are sorry to report that Grace's is currently (Nov 2011) closed. We will advise if this status changes.